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Talk (30 min): The missing ML lecture before starting in the industry

Join online:

You have attended the ETH machine learning lectures with Prof. Dr. Buhmann and Prof. Dr. Krause. Exciting stuff, right? Your goal is clear - you want to start your first job and conquer the ML industry. There are many ideas and models waiting for you to be built, trained, validated, and optimized. You can’t wait! However, our experience shows that you still need to attend one last ML lecture teaching you how to bring ML models to the industry successfully.

We would like to share our experiences from the Swiss industry and talk to you about what it takes to make ML work outside of an academic environment. What are the reasons why machine learning models are adopted slowly by companies? We will talk about pitfalls, best practices, and all the non-ML knowledge it takes to make it production-ready. Therefore, giving you the perfect head start to thrive in the ML industry.
Come by if we piqued your interest, even without in-depth ML knowledge - we look forward to seeing you there!


Day: 2020-10-10
Start time: 18:00
Duration: 00:40
Room: Online / ETH (BLUE)
Track: Computer Science


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