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Side event: Screening: Meaningful relationships and sense of purpose in a time of crisis

Keynote by Ekaterina Kamenskaya

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The coronavirus outbreak is dramatically changing our lives, including relationships in our communities, families, homes and workplaces. One of the most effective strategies for slowing the pandemic is physical or so called “social” distancing. However, distancing clashes with the human need to connect with others. Research shows that being socially connected in meaningful ways is a key to human health and survival.
We will talk about ways to foster a sense of authentic connection, create communities for receiving and giving support, and find opportunities to innovate and create, changing the focus from “me” to “we” and thereby making a difference to the broader world.


Day: 2020-10-07
Start time: 19:15
Duration: 00:45
Room: Online / ETH (RED)
Track: Interdisciplinary


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