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Talk (30 min): Building a Robot Judge

Data Science for the Law

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With expanding digitization of legal data alongside rapid developments in machine learning, the prospect arises for automating decisions in the legal domain. Data science technologies have the potential to improve legal decisions by making them more efficient and consistent. On the other hand, there are serious risks that automated systems could replicate or amplify existing legal biases and rigidities.

This talk will explore the emerging research on the building blocks for a robot judge. Given the evidence and briefs in this case, how will a judge probably decide? How likely is a criminal defendant to commit another crime? We can use these predictions to better understand the operation of the legal system. There is a special role for natural language understanding tools in this process, as a decent robot judge should be able to read and write legal documents.


Day: 2020-10-10
Start time: 16:00
Duration: 00:40
Room: Online / ETH (BLUE)
Track: Interdisciplinary


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