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Talk (30 min): Developing accessible Software

Why the current effort is not enough

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Since the introduction of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the ARIA standard, the awareness of accessibility rose and it became much easier to develop accessible software. Nonetheless, the situation in Switzerland remains unsatisfactory and users with a disability experience barriers in the digital world on a daily basis.

This talk should give an overview of the current situation in Switzerland and demonstrate typical barriers by means of a live demonstration. Afterward, we will provide a starting point for improvements in order to ensure inclusivity in the future. The following questions will be answered: What does the legal situation in Switzerland look like? How do typical barriers that a user with a visual impairment encounters in the digital world look like? How can we improve the current situation and prevent those barriers?

The live demonstration will be conducted by the additional speaker Werner Hänggi.
Werner Hänggi's speaker biography: Since 2002 Werner Hänggi works as a Senior Software Engineer at the software company AdNovum Informatik AG, where he is part of the UX team since the beginning of 2018. He is severely visually impaired and therefore, accessibility and assistive technology play an important part in his everyday life. Werner Hänggi has committed himself to the development of accessible software for many years now and conducts talks and lectures about accessibility regularly.


Day: 2020-10-10
Start time: 15:00
Duration: 00:40
Room: Online / ETH (BLUE)
Track: Computer Science



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