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Talk (30 min): Beerpong with HoloLens 2

Using cutting edge Mixed-Reality tech to play Beerpong

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As mixed reality is slowly getting traction in the modern world, coding applications for the HoloLens keeps getting easier. At VIScon 2019 we saw that we can create a simple application and run it on the HoloLens 2, all within 20 min.

This year we're taking it one step further. What if you want share your mixed reality experience with your friends? Inviting them into the world you have created and being able to experience it with them. How do we make sure my friends' holograms are aligned with mine? We will cover all these aspects by creating a Beerpong app.


Day: 2020-10-09
Start time: 21:10
Duration: 00:40
Room: Online / ETH (BLUE)
Track: Computer Science


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