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Extended talk (45 min): 5G Security Evolution

Security challenges and solutions in 5G networks

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"Is 5G more or less secure than the existing generations of the mobile networks?" - this question nowadays is quite often raised by the industry, media and public. This topic will be discussed in this Talk.
5G is expected to become the core connectivity infrastructure for all sectors of the society, with importance similar to electricity or water supply. Billions of connected objects are concerned, not only individual users and smartphones, but also systems used in the critical sectors like energy, transport, banking, health, industrial control, safety, etc. Therefore, ensuring the cyber security and resilience of 5G networks is very essential.

We will shortly talk about the next generation of the mobile networks 5G, it's use cases and main characteristics. Then we'll elaborate on the main security challenges brought by 5G, and further deep dive into how 5G security is addressed, both by the standardisation bodies like 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) and GSMA (GSM Association), and by the network operators like Swisscom. We will cover such key 5G security-enabling technologies like SBA (Service Based Architecture) and usage of HTTP/2, network slicing, unified access-agnostic authentication, enhanced 5G NR (New Radio) security (SUCI, Subscription Concealed Identifier and User Plane integrity protection), Roaming security (SEPP, Security Edge Protection Proxy) and others. We will also see how 5G security is compared to previous (existing) mobile network generations like 4G/LTE, and in the end reference some interesting sources to learn more on the topic.


Day: 2020-10-07
Start time: 20:10
Duration: 00:55
Room: Online / ETH (BLUE)
Track: Computer Science


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