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Side event: Hack the Hacker - the escape room

A click on a link in an email infects the computer system of your organization with ransomware. It's up to you and your team to rescue the data. The mission of your team is to find the code that revokes the encryption executed by the malicious software. Together with up to 5 people you have to search the hacker's den for hidden hints and clues. 

«Hack The Hacker» is a Security Awareness training, that raises interest in security topics and transfers sustainable knowledge through fun and teamwork. Together with up to five people you have to solve security related puzzles in an analogue game environment in the escape room. 
In order to prepare you and your team for this adventure, two experts from SWITCH-CERT will give you an introduction into security and provide you with basic knowledge that might come in handy during the game. In a debriefing, we’ll discuss the experienced security aspects and try to answer any open question.