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Talk (30 min): User vs. Security - or why “RTFM” is not good advice

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IT would be so much simpler if it wasn’t for the user, right? Especially when it comes to IT Security. “Layer 8” is one of the biggest threats to data security. Let’s have a closer look at this dilemma and discuss how communications expertise is key for solving the issue.

Mature handling of information technology requires a minimum of understanding. Most IT-users have sufficient knowledge to use the Internet, post messages or send pictures to their friends. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to handle their own or their company’s data in a responsible and self-determined manner. The problem has long been recognised and addressed by a field named “Security Awareness”. How? By deploying (communication) measures that inform, train and educate users on the topic of information security.

Currently, the human factor is one of the greatest threats to the security of data and information for organisations: Social engineering is increasingly becoming the preferred method of criminal hackers to gain illegal access. Is security awareness not working? If so, why? And what needs to be done?
This talk takes a look at the current situation of security awareness and why an interdisciplinary approach is long overdue.


Day: 2020-10-07
Start time: 20:10
Duration: 00:40
Room: Online / ETH (RED)
Track: Interdisciplinary


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