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Extended talk (45 min): Whereto with AI?

Exploring the frontier between AI and philosophy

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This survey talk is aimed at a general audience. It explores some key questions raised by Milestone books of the past 50 years at the frontier between AI and philosophy. It starts by offering a very superficial definition of AI and highlighting some of the limits of computability for non-technical people. It then defines and discusses the idea of the singularity, when AI might overtake human intelligence, and explores the risks it involves. It concludes by summarizing some of the key questions that famous scientists and philosophers have raised around the topic.

This is a talk for a general audience that will teach no AI to computer science characters and no philosophy to humanities characters. However both types of characters as well as anyone else will definitely learn something about the side(s) of this coin they are not familiar with, get their brain spinning on critical societal questions around AI, and in passing maybe want to read some of the 30 books which this talk is based on.


Day: 2020-10-10
Start time: 18:00
Duration: 00:55
Room: Online / ETH (RED)
Track: Interdisciplinary



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